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Adam needed £180 for a car repair. He applied in the morning and we sent his cash in time for him to pay the garage that very same afternoon.

We lent him the money over 28 days and he repaid £225.

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Toni didn't have the spending money she needed for her holiday. She applied for £400 online and received the cash from us within just 20 minutes.

Her repayment was £520 on her next payday.

Six great reasons to get your payday loan from us today

  • 1Borrow between £50 - £1,000 for any reason!
  • 2Easy 60 second application and cash sent within 15 minutes
  • 3100% online application and no hidden costs
  • 4No phone calls or faxing of documents
  • 5We are open 7 days a week, including bank holidays
  • 6Our dedicated payday lending team approve more loans

Welcome to Payday Loans UK - Lending You Money When You Need It Fast

We are one of the UK's busiest payday loan companies and have helped have helped thousands of people, offering them the loan that they need without fuss or hassle. Our loans are designed as a short term solution for those who need money fast, in fact, we can often pay accepted loan funds into an applicants bank account in as little as 10 minutes! To start your application simply select the amount you would like to borrow and select your repayment term and click apply - it could not be easier.

Our service gives new customers the ability to borrow between £100 and £1000 and repeat customers could even go on to borrow up to £1500. The process is automated so you get an instant decision online while you wait and as the decision is made 100% online you have no annoying faxing or phone calls to worry about. People often ask us if bad credit is likely to be an issue? At Payday Loans UK we like to base our decisions on your ability to repay so we can often help people with credit problems. This unique appoach to lending lets us help more people get the finance that they need.

If you need a short term loan solution apply today and see how much you can borrow. We normally look for repayment of a loan to correspond with your next pay day although we may also be able to offer a 30 day extension period if one is needed. Please note that extending a payday loan will add extra interest so this option should not be taken without careful consideration. Our loans can be taken for any purpose, many people use them to cover unexpected bills or to see them through a tight spot until their next payday.

Simply fill in the 60 second form on our website today and let PaydayloansUK approve your application. You could have cash sent to your bank within the hour.

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